Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What a month it has been.

It's been an incredible month. We have been through the stress of packing and moving, dealing with the landlady and trying to make some headway in our new place. Add to that our being struck down with the worst chest infections and cough that I remember ever having and which took a good two weeks just to start feeling normal-ish again, and it gives an idea how overwhelming this month has felt. 

There is no particular order to this post, just pictures and words that encapsulate moments.

Tasha trying out the boxes for size     

In a weird kind of a way these two little ones, Diego and Delphi,  have kept us grounded. Throughout all the stress, packing, moving, they have remained completely calm and relaxed.

In a very surreal moment I looked across the fence at the neighbour's back garden after some heavy rain to see it under water. It felt as though a bayou had sprung up overnight, seeing the trees rising from the water.
My daughter's bedroom-to-be at the new place. See the pile of debris on the floor? The carpets were so bad that the debris had to be swept into piles and then onto a dustpan before a vacuum cleaner could be run over them. In all fairness to our new landlady, she was intending to do them but we were keen to get in and start painting the bedrooms as quickly as possible.
This is the smallest bedroom. It will be our guest bedroom, plus house our bookcases. The blue on the wall is much darker and not bright at all in reality. The room isn't as light as it appears at all.
The aubergine coloured room that was to be mine. There is my Dad, paint roller in hand, just beginning to paint the ceilings. The lights are on because the foliage canopy outside the windows was obliterating most of the light. It has been cut back now and the room gets filled with sun.
Our old, almost 15y old, Sophie. She has always been an outside cat. Since moving here I initially started keeping her inside just until she became used to the new place. Now she seems to prefer sleeping in at night on my bed. And she has taken the move unexpectedly calmly.
 My bedroom and my daughter's have now been painted, the foliage cut back, and a lot of clearing of the overgrown section is taking place. I haven't even stopped to think about taking photos yet, to be honest, but I will.


  1. Hello Lynne!

    SO nice to meet you! Looks like you have been very busy getting your new place in order. I have perused several of your posts and read about the mess with your other house. Wow! Hope that is all behind you!

    Thank you for stopping by my place and leaving your comment!

    Kindly, Lorraine

  2. dear Lynnifer, moving is very stressful, even without getting sick. Hope you are feeling settled by now, and that your health is OK. An old Russian custom is to visit people in their new homes and give them some salt and bread. So consider this done symbolically via the internet. cheers, catmint