Monday, July 11, 2011

Some plants for the garden

Well, I suppose I have to start somewhere. I planted an ornamental cherry tree last week and then had to tie it three ways to secure it against the gale force winds that have been hammering us for days now, off and on. Today I went and collected the Katherine Havermeyer lilac bush from the garden nursery that had ordered it in for me. And I have bought the following plants to make a small flower bed - just to put some prettiness into the garden.
Bergenia Bressingham Ruby 
Michelia - Mixed Up Miss
Penstemon - Blackbird
Penstemon - Firebird
Purple Honesty
Salvia - Mexicana Limelight (which grows to about 5 ft or so tall)
Winter flowering wallflowers
Obviously the above photos are the advertising photos. None of them are in flower yet, and won't until spring here at the earliest. The wallflowers are seeds - they are an experiment to see if they grow as it is already winter here and really they should have been planted in autumn. I've also got some nasturtium and forget-me-not seeds which I am going to scatter and see what happens.

So far we are having a gloriously mild winter. Yes, we have had wind and rain, but we have also had many days of beautiful sunshine and the temperature is very mild. I have high hopes for these seeds - but the winter may still kick in with severe frosts and put paid to those hopes. We will see.


  1. I love the variety of flowers you have chosen. Lovey combination of color and textures. It will be so exciting to see them grow and fill your area with their beauty! Forget-me-not flowers are one of the prettiest :)

  2. Dear Lynn, I look forward to seeing how these seeds and plants go. In my experience it helps if it is a mild winter. I have had penstemons in my garden for decades. From time to time I chop them back, divide them and they just live on and on, and flower beautifully and reliably. Similarly forget me nots come back every year, sometimes in greater numbers than other years. I chuck the dead ones on the compost heap so the seeds that haven't dropped to the ground get back to the garden. Similarly with nasturtiums. But i've never tried to get wallfowers with seeds. Good luck. We must have similar taste in flowers - I love all your selection. cheers, cm