Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Well, it has been a long time since my last post, for which I am very ashamed. However it has been a very busy time with working full time and having an overseas visitor to stay. That was fun, if exhausting. By the time he left it really did feel as though a great deal of my time was taken up with thinking about meals, preparing meals, cleaning up after meals, and washing dishes after meals. 

Anyhoo, I have been doing bits and pieces around the house. I finally got around to hanging some artwork, did a bit of re-arranging, and had to change some of my furniture to fit the smaller living room. This is what it looks like now - but I still have more ideas on this room and the rest of the house..... aren't dog beds unsightly?



  1. Oh sweet NZ, holler when recovered from your prior guest, Pigtails and I will be over.


  2. Hi Lynne, I have the same issue with dog beds. At best, they look a bit rumpled. The boys all like to sleep on my side of the bed and it is like an obstacle course to get into the bed.
    Taking time for friends is important. Visitors can eat up your free time, but I always feel like there is a void after they leave.