Monday, August 23, 2010

The New Recliner

I wasn't intending to cull my extensive collection of recipe books for a while. But it got pushed forward so to speak.

My mother has two recliner chairs, which are the most divinely comfortable recliners I have ever sat in. Every time I go round there I am straight into one and my feet go up. Well, with nursing and ageing (I'm hung up on the ageing thing at the moment - it's the recliner's fault!) I'm noticing when I get home from work I'm achey and my feet hurt, and all I have is two couches. I've been sitting sideways on the couch with my legs and feet up, but no support behind my upper back. Because I have always associated recliners with old people (shoot me - I know it's pathetic!), and despite EVERYONE laughing at me and telling me I should get a recliner, I have been firmly resisting. And then, yesterday, I just thought "Who am I fooling?" So I went to the shop where my mother bought her orthopaedically-specially-designed-for-arthritic-people recliners (I'm not kidding, they really are specially designed) from, and test-sat one, and it was the perfect size and 'fit' for me, and I said "I will take it if I can have the actual chair I am sitting in and not get one made that might feel different", so they said fine and would deliver tomorrow (which is now today).

So I then had to come home, reassess my small sitting room, and do some re-arranging to accommodate my new recliner (which is green, by the way, and my room is all reds and browns, but I wanted to make sure I got THAT PARTICULAR recliner that I'd tried lol). 

So anyway, that is what happened. I had to re-arrange in a hurry. Things no longer quite fitted where I needed them to. The shelf units where the recipe books were had to be separated to accommodate the printer etc (because the unit the printer etc had been on now didn't fit), and while I'd got all the books in piles everywhere I figured it made sense to sort them while I was at it.

As for the recliner. It is even more divinely comfortable than my mother's, if that is possible. I think it is because she got hers 9 years ago and they have probably improved the design, even though it looks the same on the exterior (apart from the fact mine is green and she sensibly chose a fabric to match her decor and happily waited for hers to be made).

And now I'm exhausted and am going to go and put my feet up. On my green recliner. 

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