Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome, Spring!

I love Spring!

Yesterday, September 1st, was the official start of Spring in New Zealand. The winter we have just come through has felt very long and wet. The meteorological service say that it has been 15% rainier this year throughout our little country.

I could have told them that!

But now it is Spring, and while the first two days have been a little chilly, at least the sun has been shining, and the fields and orchards I drive past daily on my way to work are full of lambs and blossom.


  1. Lynne, I sooooo love spring as well, I am usually outside everyday, shoveling the snow off the flowerbeds so it will melt faster. So glad I will get to enjoy spring with you. The leaves are starting to turn here, yikes, that means it won't be long before the snow.

  2. Happy Spring to you and thanks for stopping by my Urban Cottage. I see you started your blog so I wish you the best. I have a hate/love relationship with it but I've found, doing a project like I'm doing, it is really helpful in working through thoughts and ideas.