Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cyclone Keeper

There was the ugly gate we had to hastily erect 

There was the newly planted William Shakespeare rose that got chewed

This is either Penstemon Firebird or Penstemon Blackbird. I won't know until it flowers because Keeper ripped them out of their pots. They got separated from their name tags and one died. This one is coming back. It will be a surprise !

Bergenia Bressingham Ruby also appears to be recovering slowly.

I do not think Lilac Katherine Havermeyer is ever coming back. Every single new leaf bud has been nibbled off.

Likewise the Ribbonwood sapling

The problem tom cat from two doors down doesn't visit any longer

And my cleaning rags don't stand a chance if he gets hold of them


How can you hate something that gives us a laugh many times each day over his complete idiocy - yes! he really does sleep in weird positions all the time.

   ... and gets along with Otter and is gentle with him despite his vastly superior size and weight...

 ...and goes all dreamy when you scratch his muzzle with one finger...

....and looks like this !

We knew there would be casualties when we opted for a puppy over a fully grown and trained dog. But the casualties are ones we can live with. And we have to keep reminding ourselves that this big dog who is ahead of all the other dogs in his obedience classes is still only 4 months old!!!

And when we stop to consider that, what we actually have is an exceptionally well behaved toddler. Smile.


  1. What a very sweet boy you have there! Melt you heart cute even in his unusual sleeping positions! I can tell you love him lots!

  2. you're very tolerant - did you know you can use saucers of cloudy ammonia to discourage dogs - but I don't know if it will work on such an enthusiastic toddler. Very inelegant though funny sleeping positions!!!!!!