Friday, September 23, 2011

Our little ball of cuddles

Delphi, our little ball of cuddles, disappeared a few nights ago. 
This little cat does not stop purring. If you make eye contact with her from across the room it is enough to make her come running to you, trilling happily (she doesn't meouw without a purr in it and it sounds like a trill). And a lot of the time she is in our faces wanting cuddles even when we are busy. She is tiny, being half-Burmese, but is the most insistent of our three cats.
Yesterday morning she was back, with a broken leg, and obviously feeling pretty miserable. No purrs. Apathetic. Our little dynamo lying very still on the sheepskin where I put her.
A trip to the vet and xrays revealed a badly broken leg, with a piece of bone completely detached and floating about. She has to stay at the vet clinic for another three days so that they can assess her for any internal damage that may not have shown up on the xray.
And once she is assessed as otherwise being healthy, she will go into surgery to have the broken leg plated and the bit of bone removed.
I hope it all goes well. 
While at times we have called her the most annoying little cat on the planet when she has been demanding our attention (she doesn't take no for an answer and will climb onto our laps and thrust her nose into our faces to make her point), she is also the cuddliest little cat on the planet. I truly believe her allotted task during her time on earth is to simply love us. Which she does. In abundance. The house, despite the presence of two dogs and two cats, is missing her personality immensely. 
I can't wait to bring her home again.

(Even the vet melted when, in pain from having her leg felt during the consultation, Delphi started to purr)


  1. I hope it all turns out ok! It's so hard to see your pet in pain, but I'm sure they'll get her all fixed up and good as new soon enough!

  2. Thanks, Andrea. I just got a call to say we can pick her up this afternoon. The surgery went well, and they also removed one of her canines that they discovered was broken when they went to intubate her. Knowing Delphi, the hardest part is going to be protecting her from herself :-)

  3. poor delphi, I wonder how it happened.

  4. I initially thought she had been run over. But in the leg that is broken and is completely shaved, there are what appears to be puncture marks so I am now wondering if she had a run in with a dog. She is so used to our two dogs that maybe she didn't see one as a threat. It is something we will probably never know.